La Juanita Finca Verde

La Juanita is a place for transformation, where diverse personal and natural processes meet. A spot on earth where creativity dances with the joy of life, and change germinates. Our gratitude towards life manifests through the various projects we share with the people around this land. And we want to share them with you.

Guatavita, one hour north from Bogotá (public transport every 15 min), is a land full of energy and history. La Juanita, a traditional sabana farm, is located 100mt away from Tominé lake, and one and a half hours (a magnificent walk, or half an hour by car) to the Laguna de Guatavita, a volcanic lake home of the El Dorado legend. There are numerous sports and activities to be practiced around the area, including climbing at the nearby Suesca rocks, sailing at the Tominé lake, hot springs at Tenza Valley, and recognizing non touristic muisca archaeological sites.
We offer basic rural accommodation, there is a double room with an attached bathroom, and a dorm with four beds to be shared with a bathroom. We offer two or three healthy meals a day, with some of the vegetables grown in our garden. There is a fireplace, huge green areas, and a very cozy atmosphere.

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